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Join our Voluntary Association to Exit the WHO

Learn about the World Health Organization’s pandemic treaty, and join our voluntary association to stand together and notify the WHO they have no jurisdiction in South Africa.

What is wrong with the WHO pandemic treaty?

The problem: The World Health Organization (WHO) is taking over control of each country’s health and freedom.

How? Through a global pandemic treaty, or agreement, that people of the world must oppose.

What is wrong with the WHO and their Pandemic Treaty

What does this mean?

  • The treaty will become more important than, and will override each member country’s constitution and sovereignty.
  • The WHO will make decisions about pandemics, lockdowns, forced injections, etc.
  • The WHO will take billions from each member country to make their treaty happen.
  • Countries that sign the treaty and do not obey the treaty will have sanctions imposed on them.


WHO Constitution: Article 2

In order to achieve its objective, the functions of the Organization shall be: 

(a) to act as the directing and co-ordinating authority on international health work;

(k) to propose conventions, agreements and regulations, and make recommendations with respect to international health matters and to perform such duties as may be assigned thereby to the Organization and are consistent with its objective;

(s) to establish and revise as necessary international nomenclatures of dis- eases, of causes of death and of public health practices;

(t) to standardize diagnostic procedures as necessary;

(u) to develop, establish and promote international standards with respect

(v) to food, biological, pharmaceutical and similar products; generally to take all necessary action to attain the objective of the Organization. 

And, did you know … ?

These are some of the facts exposed by the top experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) and United Nations (UN) in the GRAND JURY, EVIDENCE 1:

Did you know the World Health Organization is literally set up to operate as a One World Government?

Did you know that, when the WHO declares a pandemic, the laws of all the nations are nullified, and the entire world is submitted to the so called ‘constitution’ of the WHO?

Did you know the WHO can, at any time, declare a pandemic, based on any fraudulent medical test?

Did you know the WHO declared the current pandemic based on the severely-flawed PCR test, which produces up to 94% of false-positives?

Did you know that all the nations of the world are bound to unquestioning submission to whatever guidelines the WHO issues?

Did you know the WHO is owned and controlled by private individuals, who are not democratically elected by anyone?

Did you know this makes the WHO effectively a private entity that rules the entire world, outside of any form of democracy?

Did you know the entire health system of our world is owned by financial oligarchs, who use it to dominate all of humanity?

The strategic partnership between South Africa and the United Nations covers everything else…

Read: SA signs the UN Sustainable Development Co-operation Framework

Some interesting pieces of information from this article:

During the signing ceremony, Minister in the Presidency Mondli Gungubele said the occasion signifies yet another milestone in the great partnership between the two institutions.
“The call was to reposition the UN with a stronger focus on a better-defined collective identity as a trusted, reliable, cohesive, accountable and effective partner to countries in delivering the 2030 agenda.” – Minister
He said the implementation of the framework will be done through Joint Work Plans agreed with government ministries and agencies and executed with a range of implementing partners.
“In keeping with the principle of ‘Delivering as One’, the co-operation framework represents the entirety of the UN’s activities in South Africa to guarantee coherent and results-focused programming. The ambition of the co-operation framework, informed by the broader UN reforms, necessitated a significant shift in how the UN will conduct its work over the programming cycle.” – Minister

Are you happy with all of this? No? Use the form below to say koebaai to the WHO!

What is a Voluntary Association?

A Voluntary Association is an entity found in common law and is ordinarily used for the achievement of a common goal between its members. Voluntary Associations are the most common legal form of NPO in South Africa.

No office of registry exists for Voluntary Associations. The Voluntary Association is therefore freed from many restrictions and limitations that could be imposed by the system.

Forming a Voluntary Association requires only that three or more people agree to achieve a common objective that is primarily not-for-profit. Whereas Section 30 of the old Companies Act (61 of 1973) limited the number of Members of an Association or Partnership to 20, Section 8(3) of the New Companies Act (71 of 2008) does not.  

A Voluntary Association can participate in court action.

Who can start a Voluntary Association?

Everyone and anyone can, and should, feel free to open a voluntary association with the same purpose and intention so that, in the event the regulations are promulgated (passed into law), we can continue to mobilise and effectively challenge this decision.

Association Charter: Notice of No Jurisdiction

In peace, we the lawful and rightful living people, have assembled on Southern African land and soil at natural law jurisdiction as members of The Red List Voluntary Association. 

Kindly take extra-judicial notice that we, the people, are ethically, morally and honourably bound by good conscience to notify you on behalf of all the members of the “Voluntary Association of the Red List, as people of Southern Africa, the creditors, the authority for whom the fiction called “government” exists and acts, that we do not recognise the World Health Organization (WHO) as being a lawful organisation having ANY jurisdiction over we, the people of Southern Africa. We do not consent to any WHO policies, rules of law, legislations or any power or authority over our members and strictly reject all claims made by the WHO and the very existence of the WHO, its franchises, agents, or agencies.

For the purposes of legal correspondence, we require a form of identification. Please select which one you would like to use:
Acknowledgement and Confirmation By submitting this form, you acknowledge that all the information provided is, to the best of your knowledge, accurate and truthful.
You also acknowledge that you have read, understand the contents of, and agree to our Privacy Policy.
It looks like you’re offline. When you’re back online, you’ll be able to submit your application.
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