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Are you unsure of the “vaccine”?

Compiled by Dr. Herman Edeling


But the authorities say that the “vaccines” are safe?

Until trials are complete, we cannot know if the “vaccine” is effective or safe. Anybody who declares before completion of the trials that they are effective and/​or safe is misleading you, as they cannot possibly know that.


Have the “vaccines” been properly approved?

The COVID-19 “vaccines” are officially approved for human use, but not based on the correct medical vaccine trial and approval process.

EUA (emergency use authorisation) can only be provided if there are no other available treatments. However, medical methods for prevention and treatment of COVID-19 are available, such as nutraceuticals, ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine etc (see Good News Document for details and sources of information).

Thus, the emergency approval is illegal and incorrect, and should not have been allowed according to regulations.

The available medical methods for prevention and treatment of COVID-19 are suppressed by SAHPRA in order to get away with EUA for the “vaccines”.

The FDA and SAHPRA have given authorisation to Pfizer for their “vaccine”.

But, a vaccine can only be called a vaccine after phase three trials are completed and successful in terms of safety and efficacy. 

The phase three trials for Pfizer will only be completed in 2023.

Until that happens, all COVID-19 “vaccines” are nothing more than experimental vaccine candidates.

The FDA and SAHPRA have the authority to give the authorisation, but if they do not follow correct protocols then isn’t that authorisation a fraud?


How is a vaccine normally developed?

Vaccine development needs to progress through numerous phases: (animal trials and three phases of human trials if the animal trials are passed). In order to move onto each subsequent phase of the human trial, the previous phase must pass specific criteria of efficacy and safety, particularly the number of deaths.


Was the current “vaccine” developed in the usual way?

No. The animal trials for the COVID-19 “vaccine” all failed, yet the “vaccine” was promoted to the human trial phase. Phase 1 human trials for the COVID-19 “vaccine” have been done. Phase two and three trials are ongoing and will only end in 2023. The “vaccines” are currently being tested on the whole population.

You are part of the trial!


How do you know that these “vaccines” are not safe?

Early results of phase two trials show reports of deaths and adverse events that are much higher than reports of adverse events for any other vaccine. According to the USA VAERS (voluntary adverse events reporting system) stats — deaths from all other vaccines have remained more or less stable from 1991 to 2020. In 2021 to date, however, deaths since the rollout of the COVID-19 “vaccines” are 24x higher than the annual average of other vaccines combined. The real numbers of adverse events and deaths associated with COVID-19 “vaccines” are much higher because VAERS is a voluntary reporting system. There is not yet any knowledge about the incidence of long-term adverse consequences.


Were there other vaccines that were discontinued for human use?

Yes, for example, with the Swine flu vaccine, when 25 deaths occurred, the trials were stopped completely. There have been thousands of deaths related to the COVID-19 “vaccines” and it hasn’t been stopped yet.

This begs the question, “WHY NOT?


Should we just accept the pressure to be “vaccinated”? What are our rights in this matter?

When any human participates in a trial for any medical treatment, the human must provide properly informed consent, which means they must be made aware of ALL the risks.

To date, people have not been provided with the truth (e.g. full facts about adverse events and deaths so far, the ingredients and manufacturing methods of the “vaccines”, limitations of efficacy and the fact that you are part of an experiment on humanity) to enable them to provide properly informed consent to participate in the ongoing COVID-19 “vaccine” experiments.

Would you be so eager to take the jab if you knew it could kill or harm you and your children and that the likelihood of it protecting you against contracting or spreading the disease was not nearly as high as proclaimed? (If you are getting pressure from your employer, there are organisations and lawyers who will assist you in this regard. You can present your employer with an Acceptance of Legal Liability Document to establish that the employer will be legally liable for any harm you may suffer).


Will I (or my family) have recourse if the “vaccine” makes me sick or kills me?

The government has granted immunity to all COVID-19 “vaccine” manufacturers for any consequences or harm as a result of taking the “vaccine”, even if caused by fraud, negligence or malice on the part of the COVID-19 “vaccine” manufacturers. As such, NO ONE may sue the manufacturers for ANY adverse events or death.


How do we know who and how many people got sick from the “vaccination”?

Current figures are unreliable. The government is not tracking and publishing “vaccination” related adverse events and deaths, even though they have a duty to do so.


What does the “vaccine” do and why is it dangerous?

COVID-19 spike protein is toxic. That’s what makes you sick. The “vaccines” in current use instruct the cells of your body to create spike protein. The spike protein attaches to cells that line your blood vessels, resulting in the formation of intravascular blood clots and blockage of capillary vessels in any organ or organs of your body. This is the mechanism of the high incidence, already reported, of brain injury, heart injury, lung injury, fertility problems etc.

Once “vaccinated”, there is no way to remove it. THERE IS NO OFF SWITCH.

All previous attempts at developing coronavirus vaccines have failed. They have been plagued by a phenomenon called antibody dependant enhancement (ADE) — which means the vaccine doesn’t kill the virus, just makes its life more difficult. And when that happens, the virus that is stressed but alive has the opportunity to mutate, becoming more resistant, and making it even worse for vaccinated and unvaccinated people.


Am I safe from contracting COVID when I’ve had the “vaccine”?

For the first 2 – 3 weeks after “vaccination” your immune system is suppressed, during which period you are more susceptible to COVID-19. Any immunity that may result from the “vaccine” will only develop after 2 – 3 weeks.


In conclusion — what to do?

Don’t let fear and pressure influence you into an unalterable choice that may be ineffective and devastating.

  • Protect yourself (Refer to Good News Document): The good news is that cheap, safe and effective treatments are available, even though they are resisted and ridiculed by health authorities.
  • Use the preventive measures and keep yourself healthy – strengthen your body’s own immunity.
  • It is crucial that you get early treatment should you get sick — you must use effective medication in the different phases of the disease as described in the document. It is very important to count the days of the illness so that you and your doctor know what phase you are in at any time.
  • First phase Ivermectin, vitamins etc. Second phase, cortisone antihistamines, colchicine, anti-coagulation etc, as set out in the Good News Document.

Stay strong, trust your gut and common sense and do not let yourself be bullied. Together we are stronger!

The truth will prevail!

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