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How to Obtain an Autopsy to Prove Vaccine Injury

Our sincere thanks to Doctor Rory Donellan for his assistance in compiling this page.

Please don’t be intimidated by the information below. Also, please don’t be scared to request and insist that the correct protocols are followed.

Any practitioners who decline to perform the protocols here advised, would be negligent and unethical and should be reported to the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA). 

It’s important to have a written record of any breaches of protocol or misconduct for legal action.

Please copy the red list at [email protected].

Why is it vital to get an autopsy performed if you suspect a vaccine injury?

An autopsy can exclude other causes of death and establish vaccine injury as a cause of death as it helps definitively exclude other causes.

There are other avenues, such as biopsy or blood tests, but no other method will be as complete as an autopsy as it’s a complete examination of all organs.

The nucleocapsid protein is not present in cases of vaccine injury, thus proving that COVID-19 was not the cause of death and also that the spike protein generated by the vaccine was the cause of any pathology identified.

It would be extremely hard to prove vaccine injury as a cause of death in court without an autopsy.

What steps can be taken to ensure that this happens?

Anyone who has died after receiving an experimental medical treatment should be subject to an autopsy. This is however, unfortunately not happening.

What is the difference between a forensic autopsy and a medical autopsy?

An inquest and forensic autopsy is required when criminal activity has been suspected. One should open a case with the police and an inquest with a state pathologist will consequently be requested. 

The state pathologist can decline the autopsy if they feel that there is insufficient evidence to support the need for a medical autopsy. But, in that case, the family can request an independent pathologist to perform a medical autopsy. 

An inquest doesn’t require the permission for the next of kin to provide consent unlike a medical autopsy which does require consent from the next of kin. The same applies to the request for organs and samples to be taken and stored for future examination.

Who should attend the autopsy?

Some state pathologists are unwilling to confirm vaccine injury as their analysis and findings may conflict with government narratives and the policy the government health departments with whom they work. 

For this reason, it is important for all inquests conducted by a state pathologist to be attended by an independent pathologist or medical doctor or other competent medical professional to monitor and verify the process and findings of the autopsy.

There is restricted admission at forensic autopsy facilities, but a treating doctor or surgeon of the deceased, any expert in the conditions leading to the death of the deceased, an independent pathologist and even authorised legal experts may be permitted to attend to verify, guide and query the proceedings.

What should one look for?

Professor Arne Burkhardt found that autoimmune lymphocytic vasculitis had affected almost every organ of the body. 

Any pathologist will, therefore, have to do a very comprehensive examination as vaccine injury is a multi-organ problem.

Before the actual autopsy can begin, the patient’s charts and any treatment that they may have had as well as any ancillary tests, studies or sampling that may have been conducted must be examined and analysed.

The autopsy then starts with an external examination head to foot on both sides of the body looking for any lesions, rashes, tumours or mucous. 

Then, the body must be opened up and the internal organs examined including blood vessels, especially the larger blood vessels, specifically in the legs, heart and lungs where there can be thromboembolic events or ruptured aortic aneurysms. 

Next, extensive histological sections must be taken from the smaller vessels for additional testing for micro-thrombi using D‑dimer tests. 

Changes in the vessel wall, the blood flow and the constituency of blood (effects on viscosity) could all contribute to thromboembolic events.

Typically, at an autopsy one would take samples from anything that appears abnormal to the naked eye. However, it’s also important to take samples from areas whether they look abnormal or not in order to examine them. 

Dr Ryan Cole uses Dr. Arne Burkhardt’s protocol.

Please ensure that all the issues of concern listed below are correctly and thoroughly investigated. 

  • Thrombo-embolic events (macro/​microthrombi)
  • Vasculitis
  • Myocarditis and peculiar inflammatory reactions and auto-immune-reactions. 
  • Foreign material
  • Inspection of body for discolouration and tissue samples from vaccination site and muscles
  • Asservation of enlarged lymph-nodes and nodes at injection site
  • Open all body caves and take tissue samples of all organs and unusual lesions (detailed procedure) eg the vascular wall, bone marrow and glandular parotis
  • Take photos and preserve samples and organs for any further investigation
  • Embed histological samples
  • Asservate for electron microscopy for virus & unusual materials

Dr Cole would also consider TLR4 stains on heart microscopic slides and would add a SARS cov2 nucleocapsid antibody test to all microscopic tissue sections where spike is found to verify damage by viral infection vs vaccine tissue damage.

From Steve Kirsch’s Newsletter:

My interviews with Ryan Cole, Deb Conrad, and Gina Doane: Why aren’t docs seeing vax deaths?
Want to know why nobody is seeing any deaths from the vaccine? It’s because they aren’t looking! Duh! These two 90 minute interviews will explain it in detail.

What should be stored?

The sooner an autopsy is performed after death the better – within 48 hours is optimal. If there is going to be any delay, adequate refrigeration must be requested. 

Any photographs taken at the time of autopsy should be stored as well as all the tissue block samples that have been dehydrated in alcohol, fats removed and impregnated and preserved in wax. Slides can fade but wax blocks can be stored for hundreds of years and also used to make new slides. Access to multiple wax blocks allows other experts to consult on the autopsy even years after the autopsy has been performed. 

Samples, further stains, Immunohistochemistry and even Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) testing can be performed using these wax blocks.

Where should the samples and stains be stored?

The wax, slides, and other samples should be securely stored and, in the case of medico legal action, the samples and tissue blocks should be stored permanently so that they are able to be examined at a later date. 

Special wax block storage cabinets are available, where thousands of wax blocks can be stored. Any laboratory and autopsy facility who does histological testing should have these storage facilities.

What is the procedure in terms of retrieving these samples and stains for legal purposes?

As long as the wax blocks are correctly stored, requests can be made for these samples to be reviewed. These requests could be made by family, lawyers, independent pathologists and treating doctors. The independent pathologist could also ask for a second letter opinion to review the tissues contained in the wax blocks. The samples can also be requested for research purposes in the future.

Who should write the report and what should it include?

The autopsy report should be written up by the pathologist, but they could include supplementary reports on specialist areas by other pathologists or specialists eg molecular biology or neuropathologists.

Other pathologists could also review the slides and issue a review report to see if they agree with the findings of the report of the pathologist who conducted the report.

Are autopsies permitted for people whose deaths are attributed to “COVID-19”?

Very few autopsies of people whose deaths were attributed to “COVID-19” were done due to the excessive and unjustified hype of the dangers thereof.

Autopsies are, however, permitted for people whose death is being attributed to “COVID-19” and there are biohazard facilities for the examinations related to bio-weapons. 

It is very important that examination and the taking of samples is performed on patients that have died as a result of COVID-19 and should be encouraged to support research and better understanding of the disease.

Do you need assistance or advice?

Dr. Rory Donellan is available and willing to assist with autopsies in Kwazulu-Natal:

Area(s) of Service: Anatomical Pathology including histopathology and autopsy pathology.
Location: Tanglewood Complex, Dargle Rd, Dargle, Howick, Kwa-Zulu Natal
Mobile: +27 66 572 4405
Email: [email protected]

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